Dress for the Job you Want!

Bed to action gap, closed!

For a very known reason nowadays days just seem and feel long, very long.
And if for some time you stayed at home one the perks (huge perk, actually) was the fact that you could wear your PJ’s all day long, literally. But after a while the notion of personal life and work life was blurred or even trespassed to the point of just NOT wanting to work anymore.

We all have heard the catchy phrase ‘Dress for the job you want’, well…just to walk from my bed to my living room and back, I don’t think so. But other studies came in to shine a light on what needed to be done, throw your make up on and shine in our exclusive line of makeup uniforms.

It simply sets the mood, some of us have some make up hacks done on ourselves because we want to look our best. Whether you have had microblading, topic make -up, eyeliner or not, make up can always bring out our best version! That what our Ohana makeup uniforms can do!

Just by highlighting our blush, our eyes and lashes, or your lips the entire day make take on another vibe. You will absolutely change your PJs, because now the mood has been set and the bed feeling is not it. Gap closed! Start your day and just put make up on!

Out of all the outcomes that home isolation has brought about, a positive one is learning we enhance our appearance for ourselves, we put make up for us not only to feel better but to reassure our strength.

People say not all superheroes wear a cape and they are right. They wear make-up.

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